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  1. “I couldn’t ask for any better service. I’m very happy. They always come when they say, but if my therapist is going to be a little late, he always calls. It’s been a great experience. Thank you.”

  2. Your people were amazing. I couldn’t walk to the end of the driveway when I started with you, by the end I could walk over a mile. Carol and I said that if either of us need help again, we will call you immediately. I might get on the kidney transplant list, if I get one, I will need your help then.”

  3. “I have worked with several hospice agencies, and nurses. You have a great group of people, I am very impressed with your agency. After Mary had PT, she is able to take steps, etc, she is really responding to them. Any time the girls come, her face lights up, which is not her normal response to most people. They are so kind & awesome. You sent the perfect blend for us. Irma mentioned about making a memory book, when I told the family about it and asked for pictures, they were very supportive, and excited about it & think we all think it’s a wonderful idea. The ladies always ask if there is any questions or concerns, etc before they leave each visit. I am just blown away of how wonderful this group of women are. Thank you so much.”

  4. “Since my stroke three years ago, I lost control of my bladder. I started Expedient Home Health’s Urinary Incontinence Program and in just a few weeks have seen improvement in my bladder control.”

  5. “Two months after my total knee replacement, I was walking without any help and fully independent again. Expedient provided excellent rehabilitation services and care. I highly recommend Expedient Home Health Care to anyone, and would definitely use them again if needed.”

  6. “The staff is very professional and supportive. The physical therapy, nursing, and wound care were exceptional. I would not be up walking around today if it had not been for Expedient Home Health Care.”

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