Your partner in recovery after a joint replacement.

Common Conditions for Joint Replacement and Other Orthopedic Program

  • Recent Total Knee Replacement
  • Recent Total Hip Replacement
  • Post Open Reduction
  • Internal Fixation
  • Recent Revision of Joint Replacement
  • Closed Reduction of Fractures Joint Sprains or Strains
  • Rheumatoid Conditions Osteoarthritis
Knee replacement surgery

Total Joint Replacement is the most common surgical procedure performed among the elder population. The most common joint replacements are performed on hips and knees. Treatment of the diseased hip or knee joint does not end with surgical replacement. The ultimate goal is ensuring pain-free function to improve patient’s Quality Of Life (QOL). Post-operative rehabilitation is of utmost importance. Expedient Home Health Care’s individualized approach to home rehabilitation is multidisciplinary and had ensued excellent success rate in improving our client’s Quality Of Life (QOL) and speedy recovery.

Joint Replacement Therapy Goals:

  1. Assist the client to mentally and physically expedite the process of early return to home environment.
  2. Decrease length of stay at the hospital or rehab.
  3. Significantly decrease post-surgical complications.
  4. Return to normal activities in a quickest possible time

Our Interdisciplinary Approach

Skilled Nursing

  • Comprehensive Medical and Surgical History Physical Assessment
  • Medication Review Post-Surgical Care
  • Fall Risk Assessment Vital Sign Monitoring – BP/O2 sat/Blood Sugar

Physical Therapy

  • History of Present Illness Strength and ROM Assessment
  • Gait and Balance Assessment Sensory & Proprioception Assessment
  • Neurological Testing Strengthening and Conditioning
  • Home Safety Evaluation Patient /Caregiver Education
  • Equipment Evaluation and Proper Use

Occupational Therapy

  • Complete OT Assessment ADL’s Retraining
  • Work Modification Home Management Education

Home Health Aide

  • Grooming and Bathing Assistance Light Housekeeping Pertaining to Patient Care Area