We offer specific programs to improve each of our clients’ quality of life.

At Expedient Home Health Care, we continue to develop new programs to provide our patients with the highest level of care. We incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach using the latest technologies available to tailor a unique program and experience for each of our patients.

We’ve stream-lined a pathway-based system which differentiates our company uniquely in properly determining and treating specific diagnoses and problem areas of our patients. Utilizing evidence-based pathways also allows us to more effectively treat our patients and communicate with the patient’s primary physician. We are dedicated to helping our patients enjoy a happier and brighter future.

caregiver and elder woman talking

Renal Program (New)
Patient’s with Chronic Kidney Disease or on dialysis are prone to anemia, infection, and frequent hospitalization if not managed well. Our program overall goal is to keep patient independent and ready for transplant.

Pain Management Program
Expedient Home Health Care provides our patients with the best therapy treatments available for pain relief, utilizing the most current technologies available in our industry. We apply a unique regimen for each patient by using one or more of the following pain management treatments: Ultrasound, Interferential Current Therapy, Cold Laser, TENS Unit, Manual Therapy, Phototherapy (Anodyne, NIR, Revitamed), Phonophoresis, Iontophoresis, and more.

Urinary Incontinence Program
Expedient Home Health Care was the first home health agency in the state of Texas to introduce our unique Urinary Incontinence Program. We have an 87.7% effective rate in reducing incontinent episodes by using a non-biofeedback program. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach with this program combining exercise, dietary evaluation, education, and use of comfortable neuromuscular electrical stimulation which re-educates the bladder muscles to work properly.

Balance and Fall Program
Expedient Home Health Care has an astonishingly successful Vestibular Rehabilitation Program, incorporating a variety of physical therapy treatments. It has been proven that our patients show more improvement at walking and moving around compared to the state and national averages. Our patients are more likely to get better at getting in and out of bed and bathing.

Memory Care Program
Alzheimer’s is a tragic disease that affects the whole family, and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s are specific to each patient. Our ultimate goal is to keep the patient in their current setting, functioning at the highest level for the longest period of time. We will achieve our goal by utilizing an interdisciplinary approach involving a Skilled Psychiatric Nurse, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy.

Dysphagia Management
Expedient Home Health Care employs full-time Speech Therapists who are Vital-Stim Certified. Vital Stim Therapy applies a small electric current to the throat which stimulates motor nerves causing the re-education of the swallowing muscles. Our Speech Therapists are also able to set up a Modified Barium Swallow Study should one be required.

Diabetes Management
Nearly 27% of all people over the age of 65 are diagnosed with Diabetes. At Expedient Home Health Care, we have a specific program designed to help treat and improve our Diabetic patients’ way of life. Our abilities to both heal and prevent our patients’ wounds are far greater than the state and national averages.

Joint Replacement
Being a therapy-oriented agency, Expedient Home Health Care excels in assisting our patients to mentally and physically expedite the process of early return to the home environment, decrease the length of stay at the hospital or rehab, and significantly decrease post-surgical complications.

COPD/ CHF / HTN Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab
More than half of those who develop CHF die within 5 years of diagnosis. At Expedient Home Health Care, we treat every patient with a heart condition using a specific treatment regimen that involves an interdisciplinary approach to fight the signs and symptoms of heart failure. We have a better system in completing this task than the state and national averages.

Neuro & Post Stroke Management
Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Expedient Home Health Care takes this statistic seriously. We help combat the symptoms of stroke in our patients by implementing this rehab program which incorporates a home conditioning exercise, re-education of daily living activities, and work/task modifications.